Apartment Living: How To Be A Good Roommate

Living with roommates is not all rainbows and sunshine. Here are some tips to make living with roommates better even on your worse days.

1) Clear Communication from the Get-Go:  As roommates, you’ll be sharing a small space for a long time, and you’ll need to respect each other’s needs and preferences. What do you know about yourself already? Maybe you expect things to be cleaner than your roommate does. Maybe you like to play music while you study, but your roommate can’t concentrate with it on. Maybe you need some quiet time each morning before starting your day. Don’t assume that your roommate will just figure all this out; communicate these needs, preferences, and expectations as soon as possible! This will save you both a lot of conflict.

2) Your Roommate’s Stuff is Your Roommate’s Stuff: It seems obvious, but this is probably the most common problem that arises between roommates. Don’t just assume he won’t mind if you finish off his leftovers; he probably will. Always ask for permission before borrowing or using anything that belongs to your roommate!Roommate Picture

3) Be Cautious About Inviting People Over: You might be an extroverted socialite who thrives in a group, but that might not be true of your roommate. Your roommate may need some quiet time to study, and bringing a group of friends or classmates into your room may be very irritating. Perhaps you can alternate who gets the room and who goes to the library. Talk to your roommate about this, and make sure you don’t overstep any boundaries when inviting others over.

4) Lock Up: Imagine your roommate steps out for a moment to grab a snack, and forgets to lock the door. You come home to find your laptop and stereo have vanished mysteriously. How do you think you’ll feel about your roommate after that? Locking the doors and windows is important for keeping you and your property safe. Remember: it’s not just your own stuff that you’re protecting, it’s your roommate’s as well.

5) You Might Not Be BEST Friends, and That’s Okay: Be pleasant and friendly with your roommate, but respect each other’s space. Trying to force a best-friend relationship will only cause strain and discomfort for both of you. Be friendly, but make sure you each have your own life and your own social circles.

Roommate Picture 2

Apartment Living Tips With Your Pets

Everyone wants a companion to come home to every day and our pets are the best companion. It can be hard on your loving pet living in an apartment, so here are five helpful tips to make sure they are happy and healthy.

  1. Make time for them: Our day to day lives get busy. When we get home at the end of the day all you want to do is take a nap (or eat and watch GreIMG-3376y’s Anatomy like me), but it is important you give them the attention and love that they deserve.
  2. Clean it up: Most apartment complexes (like ours) has a poop policy. Nobody enjoys stepping in it, so invest in some waste bags and pick it up. Your neighbors will appreciate it.
  3. Litter Box Train: It’s important… When your cat is litter box trained it makes your life easier and can save you money in the end. Any urine or feces can cause stains that cannot be removed in carpet and your apartment complex will most likely replace the carpet. It could cost you a lot at the end of your lease.IMG-3377
  4. Find your nearest dog park: If you have a dog like mine where they could run 40 miles and never be tired, then you better find a good dog park. Luckily, in downtown Mount Pleasant there is a very nice one and there’s local parks or trails that you can take your dog to get some exercise!
  5. Make sure they are crate trained: Some pet owners view crates as jail-time for pets, but pet-lovers know that the opposite is true. A crate-trained pet will consider the cage to be their safe spot and will willingly go to it in times of stress. It also makes things a lot easier when strangers like repairmen—and landlords—come to visit. Furthermore, crates are invaluable when travelling with pets, so make sure your animal is at home in the cage. You can find a ton of other items to keep your pet happy, too.

Yes, country living might be easier for pets as you can let them roam, but with some planning and foresight, you can make the urban pet lifestyle work.Ruger Blog

Apartment Living: Little Things To Remember

Each day is similar to the last. We get up, go to work or school, take care of
things that need to be taken care of, come home to our apartment, relax and
sleep. The next day we get up and do it all over again. It’s part of life, but it’s important that in all the bustle of daily life you don’t forget about the little things that need to be done around the apartment. We put together a list of some of the more important little things. Paying attention to them will help make your awesome apartment lifestyle even more awesome.

Cleaning Picture

Clean Patios: You will want to be sure and keep patios, porches and doorsteps clean of any clutter or trash. Trash bags left outside overnight attract raccoons, birds, rats, bugs and other vermin. Make sure you always take trash to the dumpster immediately. Remember to keep things clean and help others keep things clean.

Dusting & Cleaning: Keep your place in tip-top shape, and
keep your own allergies in check, by dusting often and checking
for dirt or dust build-up in the corners, walls, window sills and
furniture. If you don’t have time or patience to keep up with all this
cleaning, hire a housekeeper to come by once a month to get your
apartment clean.

Smoke Alarm: One of the most common items that must be taken
care of regularly is the smoke alarm. In most apartments, the smoke
alarm will remind you when its battery is low by beeping constantly. Many
communities’ maintenance teams test this every now and then, but if yours
starts beeping, it means the battery is low, and you should change it.

Buggin’: Air filters not only capture dust and hair and such…they also
capture bugs. If you find bugs in your apartment and are starting to see a
problem develop, let your apartment management know as soon as possible.
If you don’t let them know about the problem, they won’t know that it’s there,
and those nasty little bugs will multiply. Whether it is one silverfish in the
bathroom, a roach in the kitchen or a spider on the ceiling, let management
know immediately. We are always here to help!

It’s important to remember that your apartment management is on your
side, so anything that you see that needs to be taken care of should be
reported to them. They’ll help you make sure things get done. Just be
perceptive and look out for your apartment. Oh yeah…one last thing…be sure to turn out the lights when you aren’t in the room. You’ll save money on electricity.

4 Ways To Keep Your Apartment Cool

Temperatures are rising in Mount Pleasant, and so is your electricity bill. Luckily, these 4 simple tips can help you keep your apartment cool and comfortable, while also cutting your cooling costs.CC Building Summer
1) Use fans. Fans use much less electricity than an AC. If you don’t have ceiling fans in
your apartment, buy some inexpensive box fans to place strategically throughout your

2) Cover windows. Window treatments aren’t just a design element. They also keep
heat out, thereby shrinking your electricity bill. If you have blinds or curtains, keep’em
3) Turn off heat generators. Running electronics all day will put out a lot of heat. Be sure
to turn them off when you aren’t using them, and unplug them too. If possible, avoid
using the oven or stove until later in the evening, when the temperature outside has cooled.

4) Avoid setting the thermostat too low. It’s tempting to crank the AC down to 65 after
being in the hot outdoors. But this won’t cool your place any faster. Plus, you might
forget you set it so low, resulting in unnecessary cooling costs. Instead, turn the it down
to what you would normally set it at.


Now, enjoy your long weekend with family and friends.

Move Out Tips

Congratulations, you’ve made it to finals week and now it’s time to finish those exams (We know you’re going to do great) and get ready to move home for the summer or if you are graduating move on to reach for your goals! Whether you’re coming back in the fall or graduating and moving out for good, here are a few tips to make the transition easier!

  1. Schedule utilities off/on ahead of time – Make sure you know when your lease ends and what your complex’s policy is, BEFORE you shut them off. If utilities are in your name this is your responsibility not your complex’s.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean ….. The nicer you leave the apartment, the better for you! If an apartment is left filthy and with trash/stuff all over, you could be charged for removing the trash/stuff and there can even be additional charges for cleaning.
  3. Organize – the more organized you are when you are packing the easier it’ll be to unpack!
  4. Refrigerator – here at Tallgrass we ask everyone to remove all food, clean out the refrigerator, prop open the door, and unplug it. Check with your complex regarding their policy on this.
  5. Walls – NEVER use toothpaste to cover a hole! You will be charged extra due to the difficulty cleaning and fixing the hole!
  6. Summer storage –
    1. DO NOT store open containers of food!! If you leave food that pests like mice and bugs can get into you will come back to pests in your apartment, no matter what your landlord does to combat the pests.
    2. Vacuum! – You want to come back to a clean apartment and if your complex cleans carpets they won’t come clean if you don’t have them vacuumed!

Each complex may have different policies so make sure and check with the office before you move out! This is an extremely busy time for all of us and it’s easy to forget something, so, make sure and ask questions if you have them. Have an amazing summer and congratulations to all our graduates, we look forward to seeing all the great things you will accomplish!


Earth Week

We had so many people participate in our Earth Week recycling initiative! Thank you to all our tenants who brought us their recycling this week. As we try to always treat our earth well, we wanted to do this particularly for Earth Week so we could give our tenants a chance to bring us their recycling; or maybe plant a seed to start recycling!


If you don’t recycle, here are some tips to start.


Categories to sort in: Be sure to remove labels.

Glass, plastic, tin & aluminum

Cardboard boxes (flattened)



Office paper

MRF Center hours

(4208 East River Road, Mt. Pleasant.)

Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday, 8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Visit their website for more tips & information. 

Reaching as High as They Can

Saturday, April 14th, is National Reach as High as You Can day. At Tallgrass, we have many outstanding tenants. Since, we know they’re reaching high, we decided to see what some of them are up to!


Steven is a recent CMU graduate who studied Business Administration and Accounting. He’s a first-generation college graduate.  His career dream is to own his own accounting firm. During his time at CMU, Steven was actively involved in the Chippewa Marching Band, (we love our Marching Chips!) a Golden Key National Honor Society member, and was involved in Camp Central and Gear Up. Steven says mom is his biggest inspiration, biggest cheerleader and #1 fan- Tallgrass is also cheering him on as he reaches for his dreams!

0031 (1)

Valerie is about to be a new CMU grad with a degree in Sports Management. “I’d love to be an assistant athletic director somewhere focusing on educating student athletes on social media.” Valerie wants to work alongside athletes to help brand themselves with the university to help them further reach their career goals. She’s currently an intern with the CMU Athletic Communications Department. She’s the Sports Information Director for the gymnastics team. She recently went with them to regionals in Alabama to help promote them on social media and help them promote themselves while “they do everything athletic wise.”  Valerie says this is an up and coming position, so we’re excited to follow her journey and see where this takes her!

Photo 1 (1)

It only takes a minute of talking with Garret to know he’s a great person, so it’s no surprise he’s doing amazing things! “I’m reaching my dreams by exploring nature as much as I can. Constantly surrounding myself with the environment through the work opportunities I’ve been given as well as in my everyday life makes sure I see something new all the time. Doing these things have helped me succeed as a biology student and a future graduate, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!” –Garret


Michael is studying medicine at CMU, when asked what his end goal is he replied, “to be a Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon.” Michael really exudes qualities that will help him excel in his career, you’ll notice that as soon as you talk to him! His love for kids, working with his hands, and having a complete sense of the heart makes him eager for this end goal. Michael is reaching for his dreams daily, he’s the  President of the Global Healthy Equity SIG, the VP of the Cardio SIG and the treasurer of Central’s chapter of AMA.

We’re proud to be home to so many amazing people who will, definitely, be putting their stamp on the world.

No Roommates? No problem.

When trying to find a place to live in an area you may not be familiar with, having roommates in mind might be hard. Here at Tallgrass, we offer what we call “Bedroom Leases.” A bedroom lease is going in blind, basically. We place guys with guys and girls with girls.  If you’re a transfer student, graduate student, new to the area, or just don’t have roommates in mind- a bedroom lease might be for you!

Look at what Andy, a tenant of over 2 years had to say about bedroom leasing.

“When trying to find an apartment to live at without any roommates in mind, Tallgrass welcomeIMG_1726 (1)d me in a fantastic way with bedroom leasing. The process of signing was super easy and they set me up with a couple of roommates I have enjoyed living with. It was great to be able to sign a lease on my own and only be responsible for my own rent cost.

Tallgrass is a great apartment complex because the employees are friendly and easy to work with, the fitness center is 24/7 plus it has a basketball court and the area is always kept clean. Looking back now, there is no where I would’ve rather signed than here!”      -Andy

Life at Tallgrass Apartments


Meet The Full Time Office Staff

image3 (1)

Jill Simons: Property Manager

As Property Manager, Jill is the wheel that keeps us moving in the right direction. She started managing Tallgrass Apartments in 2000 and leads our team with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  The tasks on her plate are numerous and varied. She keeps the complex updated, helped with the plans to build our Fit Center, works with tenants, manages our staff, and a million other day to day projects.

Jill is devoted to her family but still takes time for her staff and the community. Having lived in Mt. Pleasant for many years she is on numerous different boards and initiatives.  She is not always the face you see when you walk in the office but the decisions and policies that are developed to better our complex are a direct result of her hard work and dedication.

“My favorite part of being at Tallgrass is that there is something new happening every single day.”



Mary Ostahowski – Office Manager

Mary has been with Tallgrass Apartments for almost 3 years. Mary trains and manages the office staff to make sure things get done efficiently! She does a great job with leading our office and is a model worker for the rest of the staff. She is continually striving to learn and reach for more, whether that means taking classes, doing research, or helping Tallgrass develop new ideas.

She’s our office go to for questions on leasing, policies, and what needs to get done. She works closely with Jill to make sure everyone is on the same page. When Mary isn’t at Tallgrass she’s most likely on the river fly fishing with her husband, Dan-O. She’s a solution maker, idea generator, and always has the best Pandora stations playing through our office.

“It’s always bittersweet having people graduate from CMU and move on, but seeing these individuals grow, change, and realize their dreams is the best part of my job.”


image1 (1)

Kenzie Hixson- Marketing Manager

Kenzie started working with us in January of 2017 as our Marketing Manager. She Graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from CMU and brings a great energy to our team.  Keeping our website and social media on track and coming up with marketing campaigns is a full time job but she handles it with ease. You will see Kenzie out and about on campus, around town, and in our complex hosting events and giving away prizes.

Not only is she busy running all of our amazing events but she also assists our office staff and, as our tenants know, is always ready to help. Kenzie is an Ambassador for the Mt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, an avid golfer, and an amazing person. Though all of this keeps her extremely busy, you’ll always find her cheerful, full of energy and ready for a new challenge.

“My favorite part about working at Tallgrass is developing relationships with our tenants, it’s so fun and rewarding getting to know everyone. I love being able to do what I enjoy; being creative, learning, growing as a professional, and doing so in a community I love.”